Funds Raised

What Samvedana does?

Samvedana has been working over a decade to educate and empower the underprivileged kids across the 76 aanganwadis adopted and supported by them across Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Today it gives us immense pride to see our kids stand at par in the society - studying in the best college or working with the top conglomerates in the city. Yet this pride comes with sorrow of losing this thriving potential to plaguing issue of Malnourishment.

How to fight Malnourishment?

The Socio Economic Review of 2014-15 has the Gujarat Government taking a pledge to make Gujarat free of malnourishment. Is it only a responsibility of our Government to make our young ones healthier? This enduring epidemic has been plaguing the development of India and its high time we uproot it. Alone we can do so little, together we can do much more!

Samvedana's fight against Malnourishment

SATTVA marks our support in this battle against malnourishment. A well structured 100-day plan to move the kids across our aanganwadis from the danger red zone to the fully nourished green zone. We envision extending this self sustaining model to other parts of city, state and nation. Our dream is to fill this world with the joyful giggles of these little ones.

Join us in our pursuit – Healthy Child, Happy Child.

  1. Donate towards feeding as many children for as many days : It costs only 15 rupees to feed one child for one day

With a mere contribution of 1500 rupees you can help one child go from the red zone to the green zone.

  1. Participate by creating your own campaign.

Go beyond contribution. Here's your chance to take up responsibility of as many children as you like by starting your own fund raiser.